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AgTonik Ramps Up Production

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

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Over the past twenty-two years, we’ve been researching and analyzing little molecules that are part of the humic acid spectrum in decaying plant matter… or, compost.

In the past 50 years, agricultural practices have focused on growing food bigger, faster, more pest-resistant and drought-resistant with little regard for nutritional content. Subsequently, our industrial practices have depleted our soils of nutrients.

Synthetic fertilizers and mono-crops do not encourage the microbial levels and diversity needed in the soil for plants to obtain high levels of vitamins and minerals.

In the last few years, more farmers are becoming interested in growing nutrient dense food. And they’re checking out the benefits of applying a small amount of a fulvic acid product on their soils and in their feed systems. Hydroponic growers are also increasingly interested in the benefits of fulvic acid too.

Fulvic acids and organic acids are produced from microbial activity in the soil. AgTonik’s fulvic product comes from a rare plant-matter source in the earth. Growing interest in the U.S. and overseas has allowed us to invest in state of the art production processes and facilities here in Michigan. We always had a love for our product and took great care to extract its prized constituents intact, and now we are capable of even better production capacity.

Not all fulvic is created equal. Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming information on the incredible power of nature’s miracle molecule.

Thank you for reading our first blog!

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