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The productivity of soilless systems, whether hydroponic or media-based, relies heavily on nutrient availability. AGT-50™ substantially increases nutrient availability to plants when a small amount is added daily. The ability of fulvic acid to form chelates with the metallic micronutrients iron, copper, zinc, and manganese is greater than in peat moss and soil humus keeping these nutrients readily available for uptake and utilization.


As a highly concentrated formula, AGT-50™ is easy to use, helping growers to conveniently dial in their system’s nutritional needs and aqueous pH level for optimum performance. Less time and money are spent adjusting nutrient concentrations and pH.


Growers also see a reduction in shipping and storage costs by purchasing a concentrated product. There is no extra water in AGT-50™, keeping product packaging smaller to lower the carbon footprint and pass savings along to customers. The packaged concentration of AGT-50 inhibits microbial, bacterial, and fungal growth -- naturally!


Hydroponic & Soilless Indoor Grow Mediums:

Rooting /Cloning Dilution: 5 mL per gallon of feed water on a continuous basis.


Vegetative Dilution: 1 mL per gallon of feed water on a continuous basis.


Flowering Dilution: 1 mL per gallon of feed water on a continuous basis.


Foliar Spray Dilution (optional): 2.5 mL per gallon of feed water.

(Spray plants once during vegetative growth and once during flowering)



Fully organic-compliant and designed to work with a grower's existing nutrient feed formula to substantially increase yield and performance. A better fulvic acid product doesn't exist for the economy and concentration of AGT-50™ Fulvic Mineral Complex.


One quart will treat the same amount of feed water as thirty quarts of a comparable product.

It's so easy to mix in exact concentrations to strengthen plants, increase yields, and reduce wastes while maintaining high nutrient levels. The ratio of minerals to fulvic acid content is ideal for optimal hydroponic results, particularly when combined with standard nutrients.


The use of AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex in a 2016 cannabis study resulted in a 20% increase in crop yield as compared to the control group. 


It offers additional benefits over other humic products. Humic acid products contain some fulvic acid to a small degree however, AGT-50 Fulvic Trace Mineral Soil Amendment has the highest fulvic acid content on the market plus 13 additional organic acids and over seventy trace minerals and elements from the raw material that provide tremendous essential nutrients for plants.

AGT-50 Fulvic Trace Mineral Soil Amendment combined with your standard nutrient formula increases the nutrient potential which can lower the amount of nutrients your plants require. 


We also don't ship a lot of water, we concentrate our product so you have fewer plastic containers to deal with and aren't paying for a watered-down product. Penny-wise and Earth-wise.





It is compatible with all nutrient programs and is easy to use. AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex performs best when other growth factors are taken into consideration like soil structure and nutrients.


There is a learning curve to this product. To avoid any misuse or overuse, we recommend using 90% of fertilizer, especially nitrogen, on a feed schedule.


The chart below shows the maximum dose for plants per application. Start at half strength and work your way up to the maximum dose.


No special adjustments or tracking of dosage is required at the different stages of plant growth.

Vegetative, Flowering, and Continuous Feed Systems

.25 mL / 1 liters (1 mL/4 liters)   Ratio 1:4000

1 gallon of AGT-50™ makes 3,840 gallons of feed solution. In liters, that's 3.8 L to 14,536 L.  

Rooting /Cloning:

1.25 mL / 1 liters   Ratio 1:4000

Foliar Spray Dilution*:

.625 mL /1 liter of feed water  Ratio 1:1600

*Apply once during vegetative growth and once during flowering.

Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

If you have a formula or product application idea we can help. We've been developing fulvic products for companies since 1997. 

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