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SOIL & TURF (Cropland and Soil Building)









Organic Compliant

AGT-50™ Fulvic Mineral Complex is fully organic compliant. No chemicals or synthetic compounds are used in its production. This prehistoric compost is a mixture of marine deposits and terrestrial deposits protected by a layer of iron ore. Our proprietary process uses pure water extraction. 

Commercial Operations

It stimulates and improves plant metabolism affecting nutrient absorption, water uptake, and stress responses.

In tight commercial operations like golf courses and specialty crops, where profit margins are narrow or susceptible to other industry factors, users can utilize AGT-50 to balance the cost of business with exceptional results.

Encourage Microbial Activity and Diversity

Soils that are rich in microbial activity are more nutritious for plants and facilitate a healthier, more extensive root system. AGT-50 enhances soil fertility particularly by fostering the development of complementary soil microorganisms. 


The addition of humic substances to several degraded soil types has been shown to significantly increase the available water-retention capacity and to improve the aggregate stability by 40-120%.  Water use becomes more efficient with AGT-50.


Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

A soil’s capacity to support plant root growth depends not only on its nutrient concentration but also on the soil’s texture, depth, organic matter content, microbial development, acidity, and water-retention capacity.


The clay particles, organic matter, and humates found in soil all have a negative charge that attracts and adsorbs nutrient cations onto their surface, holding them in the soil and making them readily available for uptake by plant roots.

Sandy soil with low organic matter will have a low cation exchange capacity (CEC) in the range of 1-10 milliequivalents (mEq); soils with higher clay content and more organic matter range from 10-50 mEq.


In comparison, humic acid has a CEC of 450 mEq and fulvic acid has a huge CEC of 1400 mEq.


Applying these natural acids to the soil in conjunction with fertilizers has a significant impact on the overall CEC of soil, greatly enhancing nutrient availability.


AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex offers additional benefits over other humic products. It has the highest fulvic acid content on the market plus 13 additional organic acids and over 70 trace minerals and elements from the raw material that provide tremendous essential nutrients for plants.

Combined with your standard nutrient formula increases the nutrient potential which can lower the amount of nutrients your plants require. 


We also don't ship a lot of water, we concentrate our product so you have fewer plastic containers to deal with and aren't paying for a watered-down product. Penny-wise and Earth-wise.



It is compatible with all nutrient programs and is easy to use. It performs best when other growth factors are taken into consideration like soil structure and nutrients.


There is a learning curve to this product. To avoid any misuse or overuse, we recommend using 90% of fertilizer, especially nitrogen, on a feed schedule.


We also suggest starting AGT-50 at half strength and work your way up to the maximum dose. This step is unnecessary when your project is rebuilding the soil.


No special adjustments or tracking of dosage is required at the different stages of plant growth.


8 oz treats 10,000 sq. ft., 1L treats 1 acre

Soil Building, Vegetative, and Flowering

0.25 mL / 1 liter                            Ratio: 1:4000


Rooting and Cloning 

1.25 mL / 1 liter                            Ratio 1:800


Foliar Spray*

0.625 mL / 1 liter                          Ratio: 1:1600

*Apply once during vegetative growth and once during flowering. 

Avoid direct sunlight when applying. 


AGT50 Nutrient Density Chart 2021.png
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