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New Fulvic Acid Humate Mineral Supplement for Poultry and Livestock

AgTonik announces AGT-L50, a new fulvic acid humate mineral supplement for the poultry and livestock markets. Based on years of research and studies, AGT-L50 follows the trend of scientifically-innovative solutions for a variety of agricultural industries interested in lowering synthetic chemicals with OMRI organic compliance.

AGT-L50 is a natural liquid organic acid complex and trace mineral supplement. Humic substances have been used for centuries as a natural nutritional supplement in animal husbandry. Forty years of scientific studies have proven them to be of great benefit for improving animal health, increasing production rates, and lowering costs.

Marketing director, John Kowalski, states “The new AGT-L50 formula contains natural essential trace minerals, elements, and electrolytes with antioxidant, antifungal, detoxifying, and antiseptic properties. And studies have shown egg mass improvement, earlier feathering, feed efficiency and utilization, less attrition, and ammonia reduction in poultry.”


  • Feed Conversion / Feed Efficiency improves

  • Antibiotic reduction potential

  • Significant ammonia reduction for poultry

  • Better fat marbling for beef and swine

  • Natural growth enhancing nutrients

  • Immune and digestive support

AGT-L50 Highlights

  • Substantial fulvic content using LAMAR AOAC v. 97 test method

  • Chelated essential trace minerals, amino acids, and elements

  • OMRI organic compliance, natural source, natural extraction

  • Higher nutrient density from increased beneficial minerals and chelation

  • Only product on the market with both quantifiable organic and amino acid chelates

  • Concentrated -- less plastic container waste and lower shipping costs

AGT-L50 is a complex mixture of naturally-occurring substances resulting from millions of years of organic matter being broken down by microbial activity under low pressure. Low pressure means low heat, which is crucial for maintaining the molecular viability in a humate. AGT-L50 is so complex that it contains thousands of different molecules within the finished product. Each mineral like iron, for example, can have a variety of molecular forms, which is why AGT-L50 cannot be synthesized, copied, or reverse engineered.

About AgTonik

AgTonik manufactures beneficial fulvic mineral products for plants, aquaculture and livestock. Since 1997 we have extracted a rare complex of fulvic acid trace minerals and antioxidants from our US mine, creating products for the soil and turf, hydroponic, aquaponic, cannabis, specialty produce, livestock and poultry industries.

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