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Commercial operations like golf courses, microgreens, perishable herbs, and other specialty crops, where profit margins are narrow or susceptible to other industry factors, AGT-50™ Fulvic Mineral Complex can balance the cost of operations with exceptional results. This concentrated formula extends the reach of your nutrients by making them more bioavailable. Over time, growers will notice fewer nutrients are needed with the addition reduces grower input costs.

The constituents of AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex have decades of science proving their positive effect on plant health and vigor, soil health, boosting not only yield but overall quality and potency while reducing perishability. 


The 33 organic acids in this formula, provide plants the ability to make antioxidants, boost respiration, build healthy soil microbes, support drought tolerance, temperature swings, and stimulate growth and fruit.


These acids are crucial molecules from prehistoric compost that cannot be made in a lab. They comply with USDA Organic certification that customers appreciate.

It is a high bioactive fulvic complex with 33 organic acids 18 of which are amino acids, and over 70 micronutrients (trace minerals, electrolytes) that are free of chemicals and synthetics. 


As a stand-alone product, we offer more benefits than other humic products. Yes, humic acid products contain fulvic acid to a small degree however, AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex is fulvic dominant and includes additional organic acids that co-reside in the raw material -- which are carefully preserved  -- and provide tremendous benefits for plants. You save money because your nutrient formula becomes more bioavailable. We also don't ship a lot of water, we concentrate our formulas so you have fewer plastic containers to deal with and aren't paying for a watered-down product. Penny-wise and Earth-wise.


It is compatible with all nutrient programs and is easy to use. It performs best when other growth factors are taken into consideration like soil structure and nutrients.

There is a learning curve to this product. To avoid any misuse or overuse, we recommend using 90% of fertilizer, especially nitrogen, on a feed schedule.

Professional Turf:

8 oz treats 10,000 sq. ft., 1L treats 1 acre

Soil Building, Vegetative, and Flowering

0.25 mL / 1 liter                            Ratio: 1:4000


Rooting and Cloning 

1.25 mL / 1 liter                            Ratio 1:800


Foliar Spray*

0.625 mL / 1 liter                          Ratio: 1:1600

*Apply once during vegetative growth and once during flowering. 

Avoid direct sunlight when applying.

AGT50 Nutrient Density Chart 2021.png
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