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Kalamazoo company grows with nature's newest industry

Andrew Bruex at AgTonik holds some of the company's clay shale that yields its proprietary brand of fulvic acid.

Second Wave online magazine inteviewed AgTonik CEO Andrew Bruex about the company’s future in supplying the cannibis growing industry with fulvic acid.

According to the article:

As the cannabis industry continues to grow around the country, entrepreneurs everywhere are beginning to get to work.

They’re finding that aside from the obvious array of accessory- and retail-driven marketplaces, there is also room for agricultural businesses like Kalamazoo-based AgTonik, LLC fill support roles that aid in the growth of marijuana.

While not catering solely to cannabis growers, AgTonik fills a niche role for the industry through the manufacture of MLG-50, an organic compound that features fulvic acid. The use of the compound has proven to result in an increased yield of 20 percent, and faster cultivation times for growers regardless of whether they are using hydroponics or the application of plant-based soil amendments.

Read the rest of the story Here.

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