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AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex is the ultimate cannabis growth enhancement that infuses your feed water with trace minerals, secondary elements, amino and organic acids, and phytochemicals from a prehistoric organic matter. It optimizes all organic and synthetic nutrient formulas for better uptake, growth, yield, terpene, and oil production.

It requires no adjustments of nutrient products already in use – as it does not contain synthetic minerals – which is especially beneficial for hydroponic and soilless growers who strive for a pristine, potent, high-quality product.


Our AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex is micro-filtered resulting in a trouble-free filtrate that mixes well and supports a clean efficient operation. No separate feed schedule is required during the stages of plant growth, simply add to your normal feed water or foliar spray.


Fulvic acid chelates/potentiates nutrients in a wide pH range. It has a neutral smell and won’t clog your equipment.


AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex offers additional benefits over other humic products. It has the highest fulvic acid content on the market plus 13 additional organic acids and over 70 trace minerals and elements from the raw material that provide tremendous essential nutrients for plants.

Combined with your standard nutrient formula increases the nutrient potential which can lower the amount of nutrients your plants require. 


We also don't ship a lot of water, we concentrate our product so you have fewer plastic containers to deal with and aren't paying for a watered-down product. Penny-wise and Earth-wise.




There is a learning curve to this product. To avoid any misuse or overuse, we recommend using 90% of fertilizer, especially nitrogen, on a feed schedule.


Start at half strength and work your way up to the maximum dose.


No special adjustments or tracking of dosage is required at the different stages of plant growth.

Rooting /Cloning: 1.25 mL/1 liters of feed water on a continuous basis.

Vegetative/ Flowering: .25 mL/1 liters of feed water on a continuous basis.

Foliar Spray Dilution (optional): .625 mL/1 liters of feed water.


Spray plants once during vegetative growth and once during flowering. Avoid direct sunlight.

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