What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a result of the microbial breakdown of organic matter in soils, known as humus. Humus contains humic acid. Within humic acid, a sub-set of smaller molecules develop known as the fulvic fraction.

Fulvic molecules chelate (bind) minerals in the soil creating fulvates. Fulvic molecules also exist in a free-form state meaning an acid that has no mineral attached. 

The two forms of fulvic acid have a double action for plants and animals. The chelated minerals are easier for roots and cells to use, and the free-form fulvic activates your feed.

AGT-50™ is fulvic-dominant and has both fulvates and free-form fulvic acid, as well as trace elements, other organic, and amino acids, plus phytochemicals. You won't find a higher, richer, fulvic acid supplement on the market.

The chart reveals the change of fulvic acid quantity in five popular US products using the  Lamar Test Method compared to their marketing claims. 

The V&B method was the standard before the Lamar test. V&B inflates the FA quantity because amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and lignin sulfates are all lumped in with the quantification.

The Standardized Lamar method accurately measures FA (fulvic acid) content.


We had 5 popular US brands analyzed by third-party laboratories employing the standardized Lamar AOAC Lamar Vol: 97 method for fulvic acid content. These products are good products but if you're looking for the highest fulvic acid content, with additional micronutrients, you'll want AGT-50™.

Graph Competitive Comparison

AGT-50™ is considerably higher in fulvic acid and lower in humic acid than other popular humate brands. As the chart shows AGT-50™ has the highest FA of all these brands and that means it can be used along with a humic acid product very well. It will increase not only your FA content but add an array of high quality organic and amino acids, trace elements and minerals, and phytochemical micronutrients. Really boosting your nutrient profile.