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Agricultural Use: Benzoic Acid & Phenylacetic Acid

Back in 2018 we published our article, Meet Benzoic Acid: SUPERHERO. To this day it’s one of our most popular posts and is still an industry reference for organic acids in agriculture.

Benzic Acid

We felt it was time to revisit our friend benzoic acid with some new information and research, and to include our friend phenylacetic acid.

phenylacetic acid

Both benzoic acid and phenylacetic acid are naturally occurring organic compounds used to benefit plants. They have biostimulant properties beyond traditional plant supplements like kelp or silicon. Offering our AGT-50, AgTonik is one of the only companies to offer quantitative/qualitative analysis at this level and show the benefits of organic acids to plants, pets, and people.

Healthy Plants Resist Pests and Disease

Benzoic and phenylacetic acids are versatile compounds with many applications. They are sometimes synthetically produced but are naturally occurring compounds found in various fruits and vegetables, and our product AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex. What's even more interesting is that they can suppress bugs and mold. Their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties stimulate plant health that can help protect agricultural crops from pests. Benzoic and phenylacetic acids truly demonstrate their immense usefulness with these multifunctional capabilities.

Complementary Nutrient Source

In addition to acting to stimulate plant health, benzoic and phenylacetic acids can also be used as a complementary nutrient source for plants. They are readily absorbed by the plant's roots and offer essential nutrients like potassium and phosphorous that help increase crop yields. By directly chelating and absorbing ammonium, their presence also helps to reduce the amount of nitrogen runoff, which is a major environmental issue.

Soil Amendment

Benzoic and phenylacetic acids in combination with fulvic acid can also be used to amend the soil. By improving the soil's structure, they can increase the fertility of the land and help improve crop yields. They can also break up hard soil, making it easier to cultivate.

Environmentally Friendly

Benzoic and phenylacetic acids in a biostimulant additive like AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex are considered environmentally friendly when used in agricultural operations. They don't leave any toxic residue like other chemical agents, so there's no risk of pollution or contamination. Also, they can be easily broken down in the environment, making them a safe and sustainable solution for farmers.

Use as a Foliar Spray

When used as a foliar spray, both benzoic and phenylacetic acids can significantly increase the overall biomass of plants. They are also effective at controlling diseases like powdery mildew, which is a major problem for many crops. They can also reduce the amount of water needed for crop production by acting as an anti-transpirant, helping to conserve precious resources.

Recent Analysis of AGT-50

Our recent analysis done on the ingredients of AGT-50 for amino and organic acids resulted in the following data:

  • Benzoic acid 0.027 % wt

  • Phenylacetic acid 0.009 % wt

Backed by Science

At AgTonik, providing solutions backed by science is our top priority, and we are proud to offer the highest quality products available. Our commitment to providing safe, effective solutions to farmers has been demonstrated yet again with our quantitative analysis of AGT-50. With a combination of benzoic acid and phenylacetic acid you can trust that your crop will be protected from pests while still maintaining strong yields.

In conclusion, benzoic and phenylacetic acids are essential organic compounds that have a range of agricultural applications. From insecticides to soil amendments and nutrient sources, they offer numerous benefits to farmers and commercial growers. AGT-50 is the perfect choice for those seeking a safe and organic way to increase crop yields.

We hope our insight has proven useful and informative to you, as it is our mission to provide the best agricultural solutions available. If you have any questions or would like more information on AGT-50, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing AgTonik!


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