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Meet Benzoic Acid: SUPERHERO

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Benzoic acid has been widely used since the mid 1800s, and for good reason. When it comes to improving crop yields and disease resistance in crops, this compound is among the most important organic plant acids. It’s impactful, and it’s tough on crime.


When used as a foliar spray, benzoic acid can significantly increase the overall biomass of plants. One study on benzoic acid tested its use as a growth stimulant on tomatoes grown in calcareous soil. This study found that when used in conjunction with ferric sulfate, tomato fruit yield could be nearly doubled. The authors of the study also note that the growth was not due to the iron additive, but due to the BA itself.(1)

The authors of the study report, “The application of benzoic acid showed a significantly positive effect in fruit yield, with a 49% increase.” (1)


This organic acid has also shown effectiveness for improving plant drought tolerance. Benzoic acid acts as a “stress signaler” in plants, which can give it the property of increasing a plant’s tolerance to soils with a high salinity. This is done mostly by stimulating the plant’s immune system and increasing antioxidant production. In addition, benzoic acid can increase plant hardiness and stimulate mitochondrial activity.(1)

But that is not all – this acid is also used in hydroponics to keep harmful microbes and algae at bay.(2)


Benzoic acid, is a superhero for your plants because it improves drought tolerance, has been shown to increase fruit yield by as much as 49%, and resists harmful microbes and algae in hydroponic systems.

Benzoic Acid is literally your crop’s new superhero. It works in concert with the mineral complex in AgTonik’s MLG-50Fulvic Trace Mineral Soil Amendment, a fulvic-dominant solution of naturally occurring organic acids from a prehistoric deposit in the United States.

Illustration: Greg Bruex


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2 D. Fernandez (2017) Preserving Fertilizers and Additives – How to Keep them from Going Bad, Science in Hydroponics.

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