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10-30% Reduction in Cal/Mag Supplementation with AGT-50

What is AGT-50 and what are the benefits of using it over other agricultural supplements on the market today?

AGT-50 bioactive organic fulvic acid complex is a revolutionary supplement that has been proven to dramatically reduce the need for supplemental calcium and magnesium supplementation. The science behind AGT-50’s impact is based on its ability to help improve mineral absorption and utilization for plants, pets, and people, making it much more effective than other supplements. In addition, AGT-50 helps to increase nutrient uptake, helping you get more of the minerals you need and reducing the number of supplements needed to reach your daily goals. This makes AGT-50 a great choice for those looking to reduce their supplementation needs and support optimal health.

The benefits of using AGT-50 over other supplements on the market today are numerous. First, AGT-50 has been clinically tested and proven to reduce calcium and magnesium supplement needs by up to 10-30%. This means that you can get all the benefits of these essential minerals without having to add as much supplementation. In addition, because AGT-50 is a bioactive organic fulvic/amino and organic acid complex, it helps improve nutrient uptake, reducing the need for additional supplementation. Finally, AGT-50 helps to improve mineral absorption and utilization within the root system, allowing you to get more out of the supplements that you do take. Overall, AGT-50 can help provide a comprehensive approach to supplementation, leading to better plant and soil health overall.

How does AGT-50 reduce calcium and magnesium supplementation by 10-30%?

AGT-50 is a unique blend that helps to reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium supplementation needed by plants. The acids in AGT-50 help to increase the uptake of these essential nutrients in your farming operation, making them more efficient in their use of supplemental nutrients. As a result, plants supplemented with AGT-50 need less calcium and magnesium to achieve optimal growth. In addition, it helps to improve the overall health of plants by improving root development, increasing drought tolerance, and enhancing nutrient availability. As a result, AGT-50 is an essential tool for any grower looking to reduce the amount of supplemental nutrients used while still maintaining optimal plant growth.

AGT-50 chelates positively charged ions for plants. This includes calcium, magnesium, and iron, which are found in Cal/Mag (calcium/magnesium) supplements. These elements are crucial for high production plants like cannabis, cucumbers and tomatoes. It also chelates ammonium (NH4+) to green up plants, potassium (K) to increase yield, and trace elements for better brix and nutrition.

Who can benefit from using AGT-50 Fulvic as an agricultural supplement?

AGT-50 is an agricultural supplement that can provide several benefits for crops and build soil long-term. It helps to increase the uptake of nutrients, improve the efficiency of irrigation, and enhance the organic matter content. In addition, AGT-50 can help to improve the structure of sandy soil and increase the porosity of clay soil. As a result, it can be an extremely valuable tool for farmers and gardeners alike. In addition to improving plant growth, AGT-50 can also help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. When used as part of an integrated approach to crop management, AGT-50 can play a key role in improving the sustainability of agriculture.

By improving crop yields and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, AGT-50 bioactive organic fulvic acid complex can help to make agricultural practices more sustainable and profitable with greater quality.

For more information on AgTonik’s AGT-50 for agriculture, soil, cannabis, specialty produce, aquaculture, turf, and more, contact us today.


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