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How to Beat the Rising Cost of Fertilizers

Commercial farming operations are getting squeezed by higher costs and a multitude of other industry factors. As the cost of traditional fertilizers continues to rise, farmers are looking for alternatives to maintain yields. AGT-50 is a concentrated formula that extends the reach of your nutrients by making them more bioavailable. It’s a clean addition to your nutrient program whether you are a USDA Organic farmer or use synthetic fertilizers.

As stated in the Modern Farmer article, Farmers Struggle to Keep Up with the Rising Costs of Fertilizer, "Fertilizer is currently about 35 percent more expensive than it was in the fall."

According to the USDA, "Three kinds of fertilizer have dramatically increased in price over the past year: the cost of urea is 149 percent higher, liquid nitrogen is 192 percent more expensive and anhydrous ammonia is up a whopping 235 percent."

This is a trend we see going in the wrong direction with currently no end in sight. What can be done to help combat these prices? Incorporate a fulvic-blend like AGT-50! AGT-50 helps your fertilizer go further, your crops or turf stronger, increases yield, and lengthens the shelf-life on packaged produce.

AGT-50 encourages optimal growth in all phases including sprouting, rooting, vegetative growth, and flower development allowing plants to have overall better health, more long-term vigor, and harvestable yield. Growers should consider this product as it provides long term optimal nutrient availability and increased yields that will allow the grower to optimize their production.

Over time growers will notice fewer nutrients are needed with the addition of AGT-50 because they are more easily transported and utilized by plant cells. Reducing grower input costs and boosting yields translates into increased profits overall.

To assist with achieving optimal performance, we recommend considering the outstanding results of the above scientific findings. Science has proven again and again that a well-rounded health and growth program can no doubt help you reach your desired outputs.

For more information on AgTonik for soil, aquaponic, aquaculture, cannabis, specialty produce, and more, contact us today.

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