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Increase Crop Yields Up to 25%, AGT-50 for Better Crop Growth

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

AGT-50 isn’t a fertilizer, it’s a biostimulant. But with AGT-50 added, your fertilizer works better and is more efficient.

A recent article titled Food Prices Poised to Surge with Fertilizer at Highest in Years caught our attention. This is important as AGT-50 can reduce the amount of fertilizer used, while making it work more efficiently.

AGT-50 requires a base fertilizer. Typically, a part A and Part B. A base fertilizer is 16 elements in the proper ratio that are required for plants to grow in an artificial environment. Your product is also suitable in soil use, which may replace additional mineral supplementation. Those nutrients or soil is required to have the minimum elements for your garden to grow. Being the best biostimulant available, AGT-50 is added on top of your base fertilizer or soil to help your plants grow even better. The fulvic, amino and organic acids help use the nutrients more efficiently, buffers pH and prevents plant stress. It is used at 1ml/4L in hydroponics and foliar when diluted and ready for use. Your base mix and AGT-50 are the best combination for the healthiest plants and yields.

Because AGT-50 chelates, or transports nutrients into plant cells, at 1ml/gallon of feed or foliar application in the garden, you may be able to reduce your fertilizer application by 10-25%. There is also the added benefit of amino and organic acids, which increase growth, vigor, and reduce pest and disease pressure for the most yields.

For hydroponic fertilizer formulation, AGT-50 may directly replace iron and micronutrient mix in the perfect ratio at 2ml/gallon and will give you the addition of fulvic and beneficial amino and organic acids as well.

The AGT-50 helps to make your plants grow optimally. The best part about this product? You don't have to do anything else other than apply it on top of the base fertilizer or soil, and you'll see better results in no time!

To assist with achieving optimal performance, we recommend considering the outstanding results of the above scientific findings. Science has proven again and again that a well-rounded health and growth program can no doubt help reach your desired outputs.

For more information on AgTonik information for aquaponic, aquaculture, cannabis, specialty produce, and more, contact us today.

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