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Fulvic Acid – The Ultimate Cannabis Growth Enhancer

Updated: Feb 7

Earlier this year, we posted the importance of fulvic acid for cannabis. Fulvic acid is the ultimate cannabis growth enhancer that infuses your existing feed schedule with trace minerals, macro minerals, amino and organic acids, and phytochemicals from a prehistoric compost. Our internal and customer testing has proven excellent results and through a quick web search unveils a vast quantity of additional research.

AGT-50 is bioactive organic acid that offers tremendous benefits to cannabis and hemp hydroponics, foliar and soil applications.

Natural Liquid Organic Acid Complex and Trace Minerals

Plant Advantages

  • Higher yield, taste, smell, shelf life

  • More vigor (plant root, height, leaf size)

  • Increased TAC, oil and terpene percentage

  • Reduced input cost – 10-25% less fertilizer and IPM usage

  • Only product on the market with both quantifiable amino and organic acids

Product Highlights

  • Highest fulvic acid content using LAMAR AOAC v. 97

  • 15-30x concentration compared to leading market competitor

  • Reduce fertilizer/IPM input costs

  • OMRI organic compliance, natural source, natural extraction

  • Lowest cost per final feed gallon

  • Increased nutrient density (mineral and brix content)

Transparency is also a key part of our process. This is achieved by using an FDA-certified lab who can perform the Lamar and ISO fulvic test method. These two methods were developed by scientists in the humate community and are recommended by the International Humic Substances Society, AAPFCO (Assoc. of American Plant Food Control Officials), and HPTA (Humic Products Trade Assoc).

Every formulator, product developer, and contract manufacturer must be able to ascertain the bioactivity of an ingredient. Standardized testing, developed by the scientific community, is the only way to be absolutely certain of the type of humate and the quantity in a fulvic and humic product. And it is imperative that we value the transparency of our products and process.

Some recent comments and testing data from AGT-50 customers:

"The grow room is looking great!"

"It was used as a drench, and it was used at the very end of flower. The results were impressive and really allowed me to push things all the way to the finish on some plants, when I thought they wouldn't. I'm going to be purchasing a few gallons very soon. With adding AGT-50 in my arsenal, I am no longer lacking in the fulvic dept."

“We love your work with the importance of calcium for plants!”

“Going forward, AGT-50 will always be used in my gardens. I couldn't be happier with the results . . . Thanks again for all that you do.”

"Thank you again for helping us out and providing a sample, it really did outperform the other two brands."

“We began using the product in one room at a rate of 0.25ml per gallon (RDWC) two weeks ago and bumped it up to 0.5ml/gal starting last Friday. So far everything seems great. We are seeing tons of trichs on fan leaf petioles, certainly more than we have before. So far we are very pleased with the product.”

“I wanted to reach out to give some honest feedback. Firstly, I can say that I have isolated 6 plants for a very fine-tuned trial. I dialed back my nutrient dosages ~15% and added your product. I am amazed and impressed with what I’ve found. In short, my plants are loving life, I’ve especially noticed they’re responding much better with the type of silica that we use here which is the RAW powder. Your product may save me 100s if not 1000s if I can get things dialed in. I’ll be in touch for another few gallons soon!”

"I received a sample of this product from your company. Let me tell you about the results. This stuff smashes it out of the park."

Also from the industry:

Posted in Maximum Yield, Certified Permaculture Designer, Nursery Technician, Nursery Professional Chris Bond states, “Humic and fulvic acids can help your cannabis plants reach their full potential. These amendments are known to help the plant’s natural processes along, but most folks are inclined to use them because of their ability to increase yields. When your cannabis plant is but a mere seed, it has within it the genetic information to be a full, healthy, productive plant if it is given everything it needs to do so.”

“Fulvic acid increases the absorption capacity of plant roots, aids the cell building process and enhances the passage of poorly transported ions into and throughout the plant’s cells by acting as an efficient organic chelator/complexing agent,” as posted by MedTek.

Another article from Trueaeon states, “Cannabis growers in the Himalayas use shilajit during the grow cycle to stimulate cannabinoid synthesis on account of a rare set of metabolites present shilajit known as humic and fulivc acids as well as dibenzo alpha pyrones. This might also explain why the Indian and Tibetan Himalayas are home to some of the strongest cannabis on the planet.

Western growers interested in organically produced crops have been using the active components of shilajit, humic and fulvic acids, for decades. They have reported stronger and healthier plants which were more resistant to diseases as well as 20% or higher yields without the use of chemicals.”

Fulvic acid is the ultimate cannabis growth enhancer that infuses watering with trace minerals, macro minerals, amino and organic acids, and phytochemicals from a prehistoric compost. It’s a bioactive organic acid technology that offers tremendous benefits to cannabis and hemp hydroponics, foliar and soil applications.

For more information on AgTonik information for cannabis, aquaponic, soil, specialty produce, and more, contact us today.

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