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The Desert Island Plant Additive- Fulvic Acid

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Plant supplements are called a variety of things such as plant enhancers, strengtheners, plant conditioners, and bio-activators. Unlike typical fertilizers, biostimulants are all natural and biologically derived and help achieve better growth and benefits to a plant above and beyond atypical NPK fertilizer. Plants benefit from these additives by creating higher yields, stronger growth, enhanced water absorption, better overall appearance, and an improved tolerance for temperature and transplanting stress. They are made up of a variety of biological substances, and compounds that can be applied directly to plants, seeds, or soil to improve a plant’s vigor,and increase crop yields. Usage can start in the seed germination phase and continue throughout the plant’s entire life cycle. There are multitudes of bottles pick from to go along with your base fertilizer when you walk into your specialty gardening store. If you had to pick one additive for the garden, what would it be and why?

Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids and components of humus that offer several benefits to plants in an indoor or outdoor garden. They accomplish a long list of benefits to plants that encompass many other plant supplements from seedling to maturity. These can be found in high quality and affordable fulvic acid supplements like AGT-50™ and Mr. Fulvic brand products to get better quality and yield from your garden.

The benefits of this supplement can start as early seed germination. Using as little as 1 ml.per application of a high-quality fulvic supplement, seeds soaked in this solution before germination can have better germination rates and more vigor compared to untreated seeds and clones treated with AGT-50.

Used in the root zone in hydroponics or as a drench with 1 ml on a continuous basis, it can enhance nutrient absorption and temper pH swings through chelation. This prevents lockout and deficiencies in environments like hydroponics where pH is critical to plant health. This can also prevent stress when applied at transplant, keeping nutrients available when changing environmental factors for plants without disruption to healthy plant growth.

As a foliar treatment at 0.5 – 1 ml of a high-quality fulvic acid application can not only increase nutrient absorption, but increase water intake that temper environmental factors like heat or cold. A healthier plant is also more resistant to pests or disease. There is also evidence that FA application may increase the effectiveness of integrated pest management (IPM). Increased water and nutrient absorption ultimately leads to higher yielding plants.

There are many plant supplements to choose from for the garden these days. If your average gardener was stuck on an island and had to pick a versatile and all-encompassing additive, AgTonik’s AGT-50™ fulvic acid would be a great choice for plant vigor and overall health.

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