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Positive Impact on Poultry and Livestock with Humate Substances

As stated in a recent study published by Research Gate, “Humic acids inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, decreasing levels of mycotoxins in feed. Stress management, immune system, anti-inflammatory activity, antiviral properties as well as prevention of intestinal diseases, are among its benefits.”

The smaller ionic molecules of a fulvic acid humate easily pass through the cell membranes, delivering nutritional properties and activating biological processes are even more effective.

Humate substances are present in nature, created from the organic matter decomposition found in the soil and natural water. Humates and fulvic acid are known for their support of the immune response which helps to lower antibiotic use. Moreover, humate supplementation through the drinking water or diet improved the feed consumption, efficiency and weight gain of broiler chickens, lowered mortality, and also improved egg weight, egg mass, and egg production of laying hens.

According to the article Humic acid as a feed additive in poultry diets: a review published in NCBI and by the Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, “Many studies tested different feed additives, among these additives, humic substances have been used in livestock and poultry diets. This review describes the useful applications of humate substances including its modes of action and various valuable uses in improving the production and health safeguarding of livestock and poultry.”

It’s clear that these supplements have a beneficial impact on poultry and livestock. “The effect of diet supplementation with a humic acid supplement was further studied for its effect on the health status, feed efficiency and growth performance in broiler chickens,” continues Marco Tazzoli in his recent article Humic acid and its effect in broiler chickens.

We have also been performing internal studies and modifying our AGT-50 fulvic acid humate formula to better suit the poultry and livestock markets. With this we are proud to announce the launch of our new fulvic acid humate mineral supplement, AGT-L50, designed specifically for poultry and livestock with OMRI listing for organic use. The scientifically-proven advantages of AGT-L50:

  • Feed conversion / feed efficiency improves

  • Antibiotic reduction potential

  • Significant ammonia reduction for poultry

  • Better fat marbling for beef and swine

  • Natural growth enhancing nutrients

  • Immune and digestive support

To improve feed conversion, increase body weight, and achieve optimal health, we recommend considering the outstanding results of the above scientific findings. Science has proven again and again that a well-rounded health and growth program can no doubt help reach your desired outputs.

For more information on AgTonik information for poultry, livestock, soil, cannabis, specialty produce, and more, please contact us.

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