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Organic Acids of AGT-50™- Marvelous Garden Molecules

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Organic acids are great biostimulants that should be the first to consider for plant health in the soil and hydroponic garden. Humates are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, and components of humus, which is part of organic matter. It is composed of various organic molecules of ancient compost. The older those molecules are, the more they oxidize and break down. The older, shorter humate molecules are fulvic acid. Fulvic and other organic acids have several benefits to your garden when used as a drench and foliar.

Fulvic acid increases nutrient absorption by acting as a chelator of elements in plant cells. Chelators grasp the target element and allow it to translocate through the plant making it more bio-available. Allowing nutrients to absorb more easily into the plant gives better growth and yield. Fulvic acid has a lower molecular weight and is soluble in both acidic and alkaline solutions. Elements like iron only absorb at a certain pH range. Fulvic acid enhances the uptake of microelements at various pH levels because it is an organic chelator.

When humates, which are a portion of organic matter break down, they also create organic acids like Gallic and Benzoic acid. They have a range of protective effects resisting stress from salinity, temperature, bugs and mold to increasing plant and root growth, overall health, and yield. The benefits of using organic acids great, but there are limited commercial options to use several of them together.

According to a 2016 study conducted for AgTonik, LLC, 1 ml per gallon AGT-50™ in feed solution lead to increased flower sites, overall growth, increase in feed water consumption, root development, and increased yield. (Effects of AgTonik’s AGT-50™ organic acid trace mineral complex on Hydroponically Grown Cannabis, Pg. 4) AGT-50™ is one of the best sources of fulvic acid, and contains 13 different organic acids, 15 amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

The results of the AgTonik study show that the addition of fulvic and organic acids to your fertilizer lineup can help mitigate effects of pH swings for nutrient absorption, increase overall growth and yield. The simple addition of fulvic acid and organic acids with a product like AgTonik AGT-50™ offers several benefits to optimize health and growth in your garden.

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