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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

MLG-50™ : A BioActive Plant-Sourced Organic Acid Complex

Do you know the advantages, economy and versatility of a plant-sourced organic acid complex as part of your crop nutrient program?

Organic hydroponic and cropland farmers use our products to achieve higher yields and healthier crops, while lowering their use of chemicals and saving on operational costs.

The bottom line is effectiveness combined with clean practices.

Growing nutritionally dense food — with as few herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers as possible — rests upon providing essential trace minerals bound with an array of organic acids into the nutrient program throughout the growing season.

In multiple ways, plant-sourced fulvic acid applications, such as seed soaking, pre-emergent soil boost, feed water additive and foliage spray, the FA molecular structure (isolated from humic acid) provides crucial and essential nutrients.


Soaking seeds in water with a little acid breaks the seed’s defensive protective coating until ideal growing conditions are present. Soaking seeds in a solution of plant-sourced, matured, fulvic acid will dissolve their protective barrier and introduce the seeds to a delicious cocktail of nutrients right from the start.


Fulvic acids are ideal for early morning, late afternoon foliage spraying because these small molecules are absorbed by the plant quickly. The larger molecules of humic acid are better for holding moisture in the soil. Humic and fulvic go together where fulvic acid is a small fraction of the humic acid spectrum. AgTonik extracts from a pristine source of fulvic-dominant clay/shale with ambient temperature water to preserve the naturally-occurring constituents.

Soaking seeds and foliage spraying are just two of the many ways a pre-historic compost — derived from both sea minerals and forrest floor nutrients — can catalyze your nutritional program. The cost of MLG-50™ is offset by its concentration, the savings in a reduction of other products, and plants that resist infestations, drought and disease.


Fulvic acid products vary in molecular array, concentration, and effectiveness. The holy grail in organic acids is fulvic acid bound trace minerals, with a resident organic acid matrix that is extracted without chemicals or heat. AgTonik mines, cures, and extracts with pure water to leave these delicate organic compounds in tact. The MLG-50™ type of fulvic acid complex acts predominantly as a biostimulant, and has only one source: pre-historic compost.

Despite scientific papers that document US epidemic soil depletion of microbes and nutrients, from commercial farming practices, tilling and use of strictly NPK applications, science is catching up to the restorative properties in the unusual substance of matured fulvic acid that’s bound to minerals with a symbiotic grouping of naturally present organic acids, electrolytes, amino acids and trace minerals.

AgTonik is a Michigan-based company that extracts a fulvic acid dominant complex of trace minerals, electrolytes, and a matrix of organic acids from our prehistoric plant-matter deposit in the US. Contact us with your questions via our website. We look forward to speaking with you!

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