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A Complete Organic Stimulus Package

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

AgTonik was ranked #9 in a list of 33 organic and safe products for lawncare and gardens.

Let me clarify some points their blog made. AgTonik’s product, MLG-50 has 13 additional organic acids, 15 total counting fulvic and humic acids. These other 13 organic acids, crucial and essential for plants of all kinds, are preserved through a simple pure water extraction of our raw material.

20 million years is a hecka long time, but, actually, it’s about 34 million years, a relatively short time after the dinosaurs disappeared. The relevance of AgTonik’s ancient material is that the continents were still forming and shifting. Our deposit material today consists of both aquatic and terrestrial, oceanic and fresh water organic matter, or, if you prefer, compost. Our process carefully blends these layers together and extracts a pure liquid that contains complex molecular compounds that cannot be synthesized. The molecular complexity attests to the age and organic nature of the deposit. As humic acids break down over millennium, they create more and more complex fulvic acids that bond with trace minerals in the shale.

The cool thing about our fulvic molecules is that just a teeny tiny amount added to a crop’s nutrient formula increases the nutrients potential. These fulvic-based molecules add trace minerals plus organic acids that are hard to find in conventional fertilizer products but that energize the plant to take up more nutrients more efficiently. The electrical potential of MLG-50 is significant plus 18 of these acids are free radical scavengers that give plants a stronger defense against stress, drought, pests, and blight.

Lastly, AgTonik is a B2B supplier of these trace minerals. Mr.Fulvic is marketed for sale to home growers and commercial operations. Mr.Humic has met the standards and certification for sale in California and Oregon.

Here’s a cool YouTube video titled: Plate Tectonic Evolution of North America by Christopher Scotese. The Oligocene period, about the time our mineral deposit originated, comes up at 4 minutes.

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