AgTonik is a worldwide producer and wholesaler of humic and fulvic mineral organic acids for both soil and soil-less feed amendments.

What do we do and why  


We extract a complex of fulvic trace minerals with organic acids from our prehistoric plant-matter deposit in the US. Hydroponic and cropland farmers use our products to achieve higher yields and healthier crops, while lowering their operational costs.

How does this help our customers

The natural molecular complexity of prehistoric fulvic acid, the biologically active fraction of humic acid, optimizes growth and promotes nutrient absorption in plants.


Plants absorb more nutrients when a fulvic soil amendment is added to the nutrient regimen. Resulting in a better feed conversion ratio and lowering nutrient costs. Plant yield may increase as much as 15-20%.


Our product is highly economical, easy to use, OMRI Listed and safe for all applications.



Our difference:  The Source Material and the Extraction Method

Our source deposit is prehistoric plant-matter, unlike fulvic from fossil fuels, coal or Leonardite, it is a unique matrix of hundreds of molecules that have matured over time. We use a pure-water ambient temperature extraction method that is chemical free to preserve the natural organic acids.


Since 1997 we have certified through independent lab analyses our products’ quality and consistency. Our parent company, Mineral Logic, owns the deposit, thus we can implement rigid controls on the entire manufacturing process and be stewards of the land.

What is the benefit of this difference to our customers


The optimal benefit is to produce better quality products and higher ROI without adding more chemicals. At 30 times the concentration of other fulvic brands, only 1 ml per 4 liters (15 drops per gallon) of feed water, the grower reduces time and expenses for a 15-20% higher yield (may vary with growing conditions and specifics of the crop).  Additional savings in stronger offspring, maximizing feed use, lowering chemical, fertilizer use. 


Additional savings in stronger offspring, maximizing feed use, lowering chemical, fertilizer use.


AgTonik’s MLG-50 Product Family is a consistent, reliable, verified, pure source of fulvic. It is convenient to use, OMRI Listed and safe for all applications. It is a colloidal solution that does not clog feed lines.


What we value


Our land is in the rural Southern, United States. We harvest the raw material on an intermittent basis. We do not use heavy excavating equipment.  The end-product is highly concentrated  and the residuals from manufacturing are also desirable, all natural, and safe.


AgTonik, and its parent company, Mineral Logic, are headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan.






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