The fulvic complex of organic acids contained in their natural matrix from the earth are remarkable and rare. Our stewardship of the land, and the purity and consistency of our products, are our top priorities. We guarantee this to our customers in the following ways: 


AgTonik has adopted the LAMAR Method of Fulvic Acid testing as adopted by our industry's scientific community, AAPFCO and IHSS, and determined to result in a more accurate quantification of FA.

Besides testing for fulvic content, we also test for the following: 

 - Humic acid

 - Free-form Fulvic Acid

 - Fulvates (Fulvic Acid-Bound Minerals)

 - Amino acid profile 

 - Carbon content

 - Electrical conductivity

 - Heavy metal content

 - Hydrogen content

 - Insecticide or chemical residues

 - Microbial profile

 - Mineral content

 - Nitrogen content

 - Oxygen content

 - Trace mineral content

Third Party Testing and Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is available on every lot/batch as a result of our testing. This is how we guarantee the consistency, purity and contents for our customers.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

As a matter of health and safety and to ship overseas, we provide an MSDS for each lot/batch of minerals that we produce, which identifies the physical and chemical properties and information on how to work safely with our product. 


What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Fulvic Acid

Before purchasing fulvic acid, you should look at basic product information – similar to the information provided for high-grade agricultural nutrients. 


Questions to ask:

  • Does the seller pay for frequent chemical analysis of its products by an independent laboratory?

  • Will I be provided with a complete analysis including both free-form fulvic acids and acid-bound or fulvates?

  • Does the seller provide a Certificate of Analysis?


Some companies claim that their fulvic is USDA Organic certified. The USDA does not certify minerals as organic, although they may be considered bioactive and safe for organic operations.





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