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AGT-50 Cannabis Dosage and Concentration

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

AGT-50 is a powerful and extremely concentrated solution that can be used from germination to harvest. It reduces pH, salinity/osmotic stress as well as pest or disease pressure on cannabis plants.

For increased germination, apply at seedling soak rates of 2.5 – 5ml per gallon of water. For seedlings and young plants, 0.5ml/gallon can be used, which can be applied every drench and foliar. Don’t worry about overdoing it, as it is an organic product. This will increase germination, give a vigorous start, and prevent transplant stress, this stuff packs quite a punch!

It is easy to dose plants in the generative and flowering phase. Indoor, under artificial lights use 1ml/gallon drench and foliar for intermittent feed. Use 0.5ml/4L constant feeding to your plants that are growing in an environment with limited natural light sources like fluorescent or LED bulbs all day long! The fan leaf tips will start getting lighter showing maximum chelation. This also helps improvement in photosynthesis. If leaf tips show early signs of burning after the AGT-50 application, then reduce by 25%. With this method, you can save the cost of fertilizer while increasing your yield- which is very important when growing with large facilities. The picture below was a personal grow room where 110 pounds were yielded from 36,000 watts of light.

For sun grown plants (outdoor or greenhouse), use 2.5ml/gallon for drenching as well as foliar applications. On a large scale at 1L/acre with AGT-50 application rates; 2.5 L per hectare. Spray outdoors in indirect light to minimize burns from the sun’s UV radiation.

Because of chelation (binding and transporting) from the fulvic acid in AGT-50, it helps make any integrated pest management foliar spray program more effective. It is used at 0.5ml/gallon in conjunction with other pest/mold products. As a standalone biostimulant, it is sprayed at 1ml/gallon, which will enhance growth and vigor while reducing environmental stress. If employing flushing the growing medium at the end of the cannabis life cycle, use AGT-50 at 1ml/gallon. This maintains isotonic pressure, which plain water does not. This method retains more weight, terpenes and increases shelf life as a perishable product.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are a great option for those that want to enhance their vegetable garden. With sun grown or greenhouses, the same dosage instructions apply as with cannabis plants – follow the label's directions. The main benefit for tomatoes is chelation of calcium, but it can also prevent issues like blossom end rot. Not only is the engine for metabolism for the plant, but fruits will also be healthier and more nutritious, will handle transportation better, and will have a longer shelf life.

To assist with achieving optimal performance, we recommend considering the outstanding results of the above scientific findings. Science has proven again and again that a well-rounded health and growth program can no doubt help you reach your desired outputs.

For more information on AgTonik information for aquaponic, aquaculture, cannabis, specialty produce, and more, contact us today.

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