AgTonik owns one of the few known plant-matter trace mineral deposits of its type in the United States*. This compost deposit, created during the Lower Oligocene epoch is unique, since it is a combination of salt water layers and fresh water layers, held in place by a layer of iron ore that protects this rich vein of bioactive organic acids and trace minerals.

Estimation of areas in the southern United States during the Paleogene era.

* The Lower Oligocene is a geologic epoch of the Paleogene Period and extends from about 33.9 million to 23 million years before the present. The Rupelian is the older of two ages or the lower of two stages of the Oligocene epoch/series    - Wikipedia 

BioActive Fulvic molecules are too complex to be synthesized.

* Non-GMO

* No Chemicals

* Non-Toxic

* Not Irradiated

* OMRI Listed

* Colloidal

* Ionic

* Stable by pH 


The mature bioactive fulvic acid products sold by AgTonik are certifiably different from competing products, which may use a peat or sugar fermentation process to create first generation fulvic acid or which may be from a coal derivative. First-generation products do not contain the same levels of the naturally occurring complex of constituents that we harvest.


Our humate product carries over 70 trace minerals and as many electrolytes plus about 30 organic acids, 18 of which are amino acids and even a small amount of vitamins. If you’re currently using a Leonardite fulvic product and are unhappy with the results, call us for a sample of our AGT-50™.


When viewed under a microscope, shale mined from our deposit shows distinct crystal formations. The crystals of acid-alkaline compounds were formed 23 to 34 million years ago* from the combination of freshwater and oceanic life that covered the area. Enormous prehistoric plants grew with roots that reached deep into the earth to take up an abundance of minerals chelated by fulvic acids. The earth was rich with microbial activity, creating mature fulvic acid molecules that are too complex to be synthesized by commercial chemical processes.



*Under our parent company, Mineral Logic




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