Fulvic that is from ancient plant-matter is unlike fulvic acid products from coal and lignite.


When soil is left undisturbed through 34 million plant life-cycles, humic acid develops a high concentration of fulvic acids. Fulvic acid delivers soil nutrients into biological systems like plant roots. Only time and random events can create these rare pockets of dense trace minerals and organic acids.


Many competitive products available on the market are “first-generation” fulvic acid extracted from the fermentation of peat and sugar or are a byproduct of coal manufacturing. To our knowledge, these manufactured fulvic products are typically chemically extracted. When a chemical like sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid is used to extract fulvic acid, any resident organic acids are no longer part of the end product.


Bioactive fulvic like our AGT-50™ can greatly improve how well a feed formula works; it can balance and utilize nutrients and fertilizer for better plant uptake through the roots or through a foliage spray. 


Plants can have oxidative stress, just like humans. See our Organic Acids page for studies about fulvic acid relating to increased disease resistance, drought resistance, and its well-known antioxidant properties.


Bioactive fulvic means nature has linked it with trace minerals and other vital organic acids that complement one another, forming a top-tier fulvic matrix that is essential for life and cannot be synthesized.



*Organic Acids:



18 Amino Acids

13 Other organic acids

33 Total

What this means to the hydroponic or crop farmer is a better feed conversion.

  • Plants increase nutrient absorption

  • Overall yields are higher

  • Disease resistance is higher

  • Animals are more satisfied and

  • Offspring are heartier




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