Designed to work with a grower's existing nutrient feed formula to substantially increase yield and performance. A better fulvic/humic product doesn't exist for the economy and concentration of AGT-50.
One quart will treat the same amount of feed water as thirty quarts of a comparable product.
Rich in 33 organic acids, naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and over 70 trace minerals, from a pristine source of prehistoric plant matter. 
Colloidal + Non-Toxic
Water Extracted + Chemical Free
Biodegradable + Non-Irritating

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We package our products ranging from 1Liter jugs to 1,000 Liter IBC totes.



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This product is easy to mix in exact concentrations to strengthen plants, increase yields, and reduce wastes while maintaining high nutrient levels. The ratio of minerals to fulvic acid content in AGT-50 is ideal for optimal hydroponic results, particularly when combined with standard nutrients.


The use of AGT-50 in a 2016 cannabis study resulted in a 20% increase in crop yield as compared to the control group. 




As a stand-alone product, AGT-50 offers more benefits than humic products. Yes, humic acids contain fulvic acids to a small degree; however,  AGT-50 is fulvic dominant, including 13 additional organic acids that co-reside in the raw material and provide tremendous benefits to growing plants from drought resistance to better photosynthesis with earlier blooms and fruit. 


For vegetative growth, one gallon of AGT-50 makes 3,840 gallons of feed solution. In liters that's 3.8 L to 14,536 L!  Far less is applied than other brands to achieve the same or better results. It is versatile, potent, stable in liquids, and easy to add to your protocol.


Use AGT-50 to condition soil, at the root, vegetative, and flowering stages, and as a foliar spray.


Foliar Spray Note: Fulvic molecules are smaller than humic acid molecules. Thus fulvic acid is a better choice for a foliar spray and delivers nutrients and protection to the leaves and stalk. It is not recommended to spray during peak sunshine.




We use filtered water and proprietary methods to extract 33 organic acids and over seventy trace elements and minerals. The use of high temperature or chemical extraction methods might be expedient but would also degrade these desirable constituents. Water is the only substance that contacts our deposit material.


AgTonik, an affiliate of Mineral Logic, employs independent lab testing, since 1994, for pH, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, fulvic mineral content, amino acid profile, organic acids, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, heavy metals, mineral and trace elements, as well as mold, microbes, harmful chemicals and other contaminants.


USDA Organic Note: The FDA does not provide organic certification of fulvic acid products, minerals or trace minerals, because minerals and organic acids are not grown, like a crop, which must follow a stringent protocol of acceptable practices to ensure its purity. OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute, has reviewed AGT-50, its constituents, and our extraction methods, and lists AGT-50 as compliant with the USDA Organic criteria to use in growing organic crops.


AGT-50 is of organic origin from millions of years of plant and animal matter composting. These nutrients are being depleted in our soils by poor farming practices and synthetic fertilizers that do not consider the importance of biodiverse soil, plentiful microbes, and trace elements.


Our products have fulvic acid potencies from 80H to 10H on a hydrometer scale. We can customize formulations anywhere from 1.5 to 12.3 pH.


All of our liquid fulvic products will remain suspended in solution. Plus the naturally acidic pH maintains the product’s antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties.





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